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Five County Stadium


Welcome to Five County Stadium, home of your Carolina Mudcats! We hope you'll find it to be a comfortable, convenient and friendly place to watch a ballgame, and that you will visit us often!

ACCESS: Five County Stadium is accessible from Hwy 264 and Highway 39. Click here for directions.

1501 NC 39 Hwy
PO Drawer 1218
Zebulon, NC 27597

Phone: 919.269.2287
Fax: 919.269.4910

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES: The Mudcats main office is located on the 3rd base side of the stadium, facing the Old Hwy 264 parking lot. Click here for the Carolina Mudcats Staff Directory.

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible seating for guests with disabilities or special needs is available at Sections 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 202 and 218, as well as behind each of the team dugouts and in a number of other areas of Five County Stadium. The Mudcats also offer other readily available accommodations for guests with disabilities and special needs. For more information, please call (919) 269-2287, visit the Box Office or, on game days, visit the Customer Service booth.

ANIMALS: Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are welcome at Five County Stadium, provided they are accompanied by the handler, trained to provide a service to the handler, and leashed at all times. Pets are not allowed at Five County Stadium, unless indicated for special events such as "Bark in the Park" nights.

AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT: Hand-held audio-visual equipment is permitted in the stadium. However, flash photography and video reproduction of a game (or any portion thereof) or field activity are strictly prohibited. Tripods and any other equipment that might interfere with other guests' enjoyment is prohibited at Five County Stadium. If you have a question about whether particular equipment is permitted, please call the Front Office in advance of arrival at the stadium.

AUTOGRAPHS: League rules prohibit players from signing autographs from 15 minutes prior to the first pitch until the conclusion of the ballgame. Selected Mudcats players are available for autographs at other times to be determined during the season.

BAGS: Clear Bag Policy: All guests are permitted to bring one (1) clear bag to Five County Stadium, provided it is no larger than 16" x 16" x 8". Clear bags will allow for contactless inspection.

BOX OFFICE: The Five County Stadium Box Office is located at the Administrative Offices and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. On the days of a Five County Stadium event, the Box Office is open from 10:00 a.m. through the time of the event. For ticket information or reservations, please call (919) 269-CATS (2287). Tickets to future home games are available during games at the Will Call window.

CAPACITY: Five County Stadium's official seating capacity is 6,500. Seating Chart

CARRY-IN POLICY: Food and/or beverages may not be brought into Five County Stadium, subject to certain medical exceptions. If you have questions regarding a medical exception, please see a Mudcats Staff member or call the Box Office before arrival at Five County Stadium.
In addition, the following items are among those not permitted to be brought into Five County Stadium (items are subject to change without notice)

  • Aerosol Cans (sunscreen, hairspray, etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Bags/Luggage (larger than 16" x 16" x 8")
  • Brooms/Broomsticks/Poles
  • Cans & Glass Containers
  • Hard-Sided Coolers
  • Laser Pointers
  • Noise Makers
  • Non-Factory Sealed Plastic Containers
  • Pepper Spray
  • Pets (except for service animals or during specific promotions)
  • Throwing Items
  • No open or concealed weapons/firearms (including pocket knives) are allowed anywhere at Five County Stadium.

SPRINGHILL OUTFITTERS TREESTAND: The Springhill Outfitters Treestand is a group party area, located in the Left Field corner (seating chart here). For more information on group tickets and outings, please click here.

DRB HOMES SKY LOUNGE: The DRB Homes Sky Lounge offers a premium club experience featuring a high-end buffet and luxury seating area. Sky Lounge is also available for private group events such as business meetings, wedding receptions and Christmas parties during games and non-game days.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions stands and a number of portable concessions carts are located throughout Five County Stadium and offer a variety of food and beverage options. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment at all concession locations.

DIMENSIONS: LF: 330' | LCF: 365' | CF: 400' | RCF: 365' | RF: 309'

DIRECTIONS: Five County Stadium is located immediately off of the highway for easy access. For a map and directions, please click here.

DRONES: Guests are prohibited from using or possessing unmanned aircraft or radio-controlled model aircraft in Five County Stadium or anywhere on or within the airspace of Five County Stadium property.

EXIT/RE-ENTRY: Guests may not exit and re-enter Five County Stadium using the same ticket. However, in the case of an emergency, please ask Mudcats staff for assistance.

FAMILY SECTION: Section 209 is designated as the Johnston Health Care Family Section. This is an alcohol-free seating area. Seats are available upon request at the Box Office, subject to availability.

FIRST AID: If you need assistance, please see a Mudcats staff member or a North State Medical Transport team member. EMT personnel from North State Medical Transport are available at all Mudcats games at Five County Stadium.

FIREARMS: Absolutely no weapons (including knives) or firearms are permitted on Five County Stadium property, except in your locked motor vehicle.

FOUL BALLS AND FLYING OBJECTS: For safety, please beware of and avoid flying objects, including any thrown bats, thrown or batted balls, or any promotional materials, which may enter seating and other guest areas. Guests must pay attention at all times and use caution when walking up and down the aisles or moving around the seating areas. Guests assume all risk of injury from bats, balls, and other flying objects and the Mudcats cannot be held responsible for such injuries. Guests are allowed to keep any baseball that enters the seating area as a souvenir; however, guests are not allowed to enter the playing area to retrieve balls or otherwise interfere with baseballs in play. Violators of this policy are subject to ejection from Five County Stadium.

GATES OPEN: Five County Stadium gates open one (1) hour before first pitch unless otherwise noted. Parking lots open two (2) hours before first pitch.

GROUP OUTINGS & PICNICS: Five County Stadium offers a variety of great locations for group outings. Packages for groups of twenty (20) or more are available for all events. For more information, please call (919) 269-2287, Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET, or click here for complete group and picnic information.

The Carolina Mudcats are committed to providing our guests with an enjoyable and safe experience at Five County Stadium. Any guest not adhering to the following Code of Conduct or otherwise behaving in an inappropriate manner as determined by the Carolina Mudcats will be removed from Five County Stadium (in addition to incurring any criminal or civil penalties that may be imposed for such inappropriate conduct).


  • The Mudcats reserve the right to deny entrance or remove any guest from Five County Stadium who:
  • Appears intoxicated or impaired by alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances.
  • Is under the age of 21 and possessing alcoholic beverages.
  • Facilitates underage drinking.
  • Possesses illegal drugs.

Clothing/Body Art

  • Guests may not wear obscene, profane or indecent clothing or display offensive body art.
  • Guests must wear a shirt and shoes at all times inside of the ballpark.


  • The Mudcats reserve the right to remove any guest who fails to comply with any request from the Mudcats staff or law enforcement personnel regarding stadium operations or emergency response procedures.

Interference with Game

  • Guests may not interfere with the progress of the game or go on to the field, interfere with a ball in play, or throw objects on the field or in the seating areas.


  • Guests may not use foul, profane or abusive language or make obscene gestures. The Mudcats will not tolerate the use of abusive language of any kind by fans or guests at Five County Stadium, whether such language is directed at another fan, on-field personnel, a Mudcats employee, etc. Guests who use or exhibit abusive behavior observed by Mudcats personnel or another fan will be removed from the ballpark, and Mudcats personnel shall determine whether such individual may return to Five County Stadium for a future game.
  • Guests may not conduct themselves in a way that is deemed disorderly, unruly or disruptive to other guests, Five County Stadium staff or workers, players, coaches or umpires.
  • Guests may not threaten the safety of other guests, Five County Stadium staff, workers or on-field participants.
  • Guests may not fight or engage in threatening behavior (physical or verbal).
  • The Mudcats reserve the right to remove any guest whose failure to adhere to acceptable levels of hygiene impedes the ability of other guests to enjoy the game.
  • Guests may not interfere with the ability of other guests to enjoy the game.
  • Guests may not vandalize, damage or otherwise deface any part of Five County Stadium property. Guests may not possess firearms or other weapons, fireworks or other materials/items deemed hazardous or dangerous by the Mudcats.
  • Guests may not use laser pointers, sirens, whistles or other items that may distract or interfere with the play on the field, interfere with the enjoyment of other guests, or interfere with Five County Stadium staff and workers.
  • Guests must comply with all rules and policies of the Mudcats, including those on the Mudcats website and those posted at Five County Stadium, or on tickets or parking passes. For more information, please visit
  • Guests may not participate in displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting.


  • Game tickets are revocable licenses subject to their stated terms. The Mudcats reserve the right to remove any guest who fails to produce a ticket upon request, occupies a seat for which they do not hold a ticket, accesses (or attempts to access) non-public areas of Five County Stadium without an appropriate pass or credential, or misuses or fails to comply with the terms or restrictions of a ticket.

GUEST SERVICES: The UNC Johnston Health Care Fan Center is located behind home plate and operates from the time Five County Stadium's gates open until after the game ends. Here, guests may obtain a variety of information and provide comments, compliments or feedback during visits to Five County Stadium.

HISTORY: Five County Stadium was originally constructed in 1991. The Mudcats began playing at Five County Stadium on July 3, 1991, after weather complications delayed construction. Five County Stadium was later renovated beginning in 1998 and concluding in 2000. Additional stadium upgrades occurred in 2004.

LOST AND FOUND: Lost and found items should be taken to the Will Call window. For more information, or if you have lost an item at Five County Stadium, please call (919) 269-2287, Monday-Friday between 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. ET (weekend game days, after 11:00 a.m. ET).

MESSAGE BOARD/PUBLIC ADDRESS GREETINGS: The Mudcats are happy to pass along greetings for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions ($10.00 per message). To arrange for your announcement, please either call (919) 269-2287 in advance of the game or visit the UNC Johnston Health Care Fan Center behind home plate by the end of the 2nd inning.

PARKING: Parking for Five County Stadium guests is available on the Hwy 39 and Old Hwy 264 sides for $7.00 per vehicle. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment in the parking lots. Checks are not accepted. Parking lots open two (2) hours before first pitch.


  • No trespassing; only persons with a valid ticket for the event are permitted in parking lots.
  • Each vehicle may only park in one designated parking space.
  • No tailgating.
  • No open alcohol containers. No alcohol consumption.
  • All fans must enter the Five County Stadium gates within 30 minutes after event starts, or vacate the premises at this time.
  • All vehicles must vacate the lots within one hour after event. No overnight parking. Violators may be ticketed and/or towed at vehicle owner's expense.
  • All activities must be conducted in strict accordance with law.
  • Unauthorized selling, soliciting, or distributing flyers or other materials is not permitted on premises.
  • Violation of these policies may result in revocation of parking passes and game tickets, denial of entry into the stadium, ejection from the premises, and/or arrest.
  • All rules are subject to change at the Mudcats' sole discretion without notice.
  • The Mudcats do not assume any responsibility or liability for the safety and security of persons, vehicles, and/or personal property on the premises and expressly disclaim responsibility or liability for any and all loss, damage, or injury of any kind to any person or vehicle (including vehicle contents).
  • By entering or occupying the premises, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth on your parking pass.


PARTY DECK: The Mudcats Party Deck is a tented event location, above Sections 404 through 406 (seating chart here). For more information on group tickets and outings, please click here.

PICNIC PAVILION: The Mudcats Picnic Pavilion is a tented event location on the suite level of Five County Stadium, above Sections 214 through 217 (seating chart here). For more information on group tickets and outings, please click here.

RAIN OUTS: If a game is postponed or if 4 ½ innings of the game are not played, fans may exchange their tickets for seats of equal or lesser value to a future regular current season home game, subject to availability and blackout dates including July 4. There are no cash refunds for tickets or parking.

RESTROOMS: Spacious restrooms, including two family restrooms behind home plate, are located on all levels of the stadium. Diaper changing areas are available in men's, women's and family restrooms.

SECURITY: Five County Stadium provides a safe, family-friendly environment. Mudcats event staff and Zebulon Police Department officers are present to assist guests. If security is needed, please notify the nearest Mudcats staff member or Zebulon Police Department officer.

SMOKING POLICY: For the health and comfort of all guests, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas inside of Five County Stadium, including concourses, seating sections, restrooms, suites and group areas at Five County Stadium. For guests wishing to smoke, designated areas are located outside of the concourse.

SUITES: Five County Stadium features nine (9) luxury suites. Each suite has its own TV with a closed circuit broadcast of the game, refrigerator, couch and private balcony with seating. Renting a suite at Five County Stadium is a great way to entertain clients, reward employees or simply enjoy a game as a group. Click here for more information.

TEAM STORE: The Mudcats Team Store, The Tackle Box, is open during all games, and Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., during the regular season. Please call in advance during the off-season. The Tackle Box features Mudcats, Micro Brews and Pescados merchandise, authentic game used items, and much more. For more information, please call (919) 269-2287. You can also shop online at The Mudcats Online Team Store.


  • By Phone: Tickets are available over the phone through the Five County Stadium Box Office. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. To order by phone, call (919) 269-CATS (2287).
  • Online: Tickets are available online through the Mudcats website, To order single game tickets online Click here. (Available from mid-March through the end of the season).
  • Season Tickets / Ticket Packages: Ticket packages are available through the Mudcats Ticket Department. From Full-Season plans (66 games) to partial plans (5 games or more), the Mudcats office can create a package to satisfy you. Click here for more information.

TOURS: Group tours of Five County Stadium are conducted throughout the season. Depending on the demands of game operations, tour patrons will be shown the press box, suite level, visit the field, and receive information on the construction and amenities of Five County Stadium. Please call (919) 269-2287 to inquire about touring opportunities.

WILL CALL: The Will Call window is located behind home plate on the concourse, across from the main entrance and the Tackle Box Team Store. The Will Call Booth opens shortly before the gates open. You can pick up day of game tickets ordered by phone, tickets ordered online, and tickets left for guests of Mudcats staff and players. Suite tickets and tickets for guests of players can be picked up at the Will Call as well. Please have photo ID ready in order to receive your tickets.