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OVG360 Fundraising Opportunities

Volunteer Group Application

Click HERE to fill out the Volunteer Group Application.

Non-Profit Organization Fundraising Opportunities


  • Groups are nonprofit, tax-exempt entities as defined in Section 501 of IRS code.
  • NPO leader (authorized representative of NPO) signs a contract with your Federal Tax ID.
  • Group has general liability insurance certificate and provides written proof that plan is at least $1M and includes OVG360, MGM Park, Biloxi Shuckers LLC, CIty of Biloxi in coverage.
  • Volunteers are at least 16 years of age to participate; 18 years old to serve beer.
  • Volunteers are positive/professional individuals with a passion for customer service.
  • While all are welcome, priority will be given to those that apply by January 15.


  • Groups provide a specific number of volunteers/group leaders for each event.
  • Your group/pool of volunteers is fully defined before the season begins.
  • Group commit to a full season or a half season.
  • OVG360 sends NPO the season schedule for volunteers once contract is approved.
  • Volunteers must each sign a waiver; minors must have a parent/guardian sign.
  • OVG360 provides all equipment, training, supplies, and uniforms for all volunteers.
  • OVG360 will present new special events and concerts as additional opportunities.


  • A unique opportunity to meet fundraising goals in a fun enviroment.
  • Student volunteers can earn credit towards their community service requirements.
  • Fundraising coordinators can concentrate their efforts on one program instead of numerous door-to-door campaigns, bake sales, car washes, etc.
  • Organizations have earned from $5,000 to $50,000 per season. Note: this number varies based on number of volunteers, number of events NPO commits to, and other factors.


For more information and an application, email [email protected] or call (228) 271-3490.